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Barnyard Series

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Patsy's frolicsome approach is seen in her barnyard offerings. From Grr-tude the chicken, to scruffy Ms Thang the cow, to Proud Jon-Pierre the rooster, their playful style and colorful attitudes will endear themselves to you. These character driven piece's are limited, numbered, and signed.

Jon-Pierre thinks he's the boss of the yard, you can see his snooty-tooty dominance in his high-head and his diligent stare. But Ms Thang knows with one mighty kick on her milk pail Jon will be knocked silly. Both though are about to be taken aback by Grr-tude who is over their barnyard squabbles and has fowl plans.

Let's put harmony back on the farm and separate these darling critters by giving them homes. Have room for a new member?


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