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About Rosecreek Road

I learned that I am more than I knew after I risked a class in acrylic painting and saw a lifetime yearning to create art come to fruition. I've always loved the "idea" of art, but any feeble attempt ended in defeat for me until two years ago. 

Under the sensitive influence of teacher, author, and noted artist Dorsey McHugh I have found my style and palette. I discovered that I am more than I knew because God is more than I can imagine...and He never stops creating or giving. 

I hope you will join me at Rosecreek Road as I continue to journey toward artistic discovery..and I invite you to explore the art in your heart. It may be gardening, photography, needle work, pottery, cooking, etc. There's just something about aligning our hearts with our Creator that is exhilarating and satisfying all at the same time. Don't miss growing the artist in you!

The name Rosecreek Road comes from my mother's childhood. It not only was where she lived growing up on a farm with her 5 siblings, but Rosecreek was the name of the school she attended. In memory of my artsy mom who made houses into homes I choose to celebrate the road that helped her to learn the value of beauty.



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